Corrugated Screen

Corrugated screen is named by his special corrugated form.Main feature as follows:
These products screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers, after compounded and bended, with a steel backing plate combined together. The wire cloth and bottom steel backing plate combined tightly, increase the filtering area 120% to 150% more than hookstrip flat screen, get an better effective.

Screen Common Model
Modle Brand&Model for shaker Mesh Range Dimension
(Length x Width)
SJZ-5 Derriok FLC2000 Corrugated 20—325 1053×697mm 6.0KGS
SJZ-6 Derriok FLC500 Series Corrugated 20—325 1050×697mm 7.8KGS
SJZ-7 Derriok FLC313M Corrugated 20—325 1165×700mm 6.5KGS